St. George's Lodge №3 in Tbilisi
Since 2013
Not just a man. A mason.
St. George's Lodge №3
«Worshipful Lodge Saint George №3» is a leading lodge of the United Grand Lodge of Georgia and regularly works in the East of Tbilisi.
Worshipful Lodge «Saint George» was installed on February 20, 2013 on East of Tbilisi under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ukraine. The full name at the time of creation was «Worshipful Lodge Saint George №10».
After the foundation of the United Grand Lodge of Georgia on August 25, 2018, the Worshipful Lodge «Saint George №.10» was given to Georgian jurisdiction. The new unique name became «Worshipful Lodge Saint George №3».
In February 2023, with wide international participation, WL «Saint George №.3» solemnly celebrated the 10-year anniversary.
Affiliated brothers from Armenia, Holland and Canada are currently participating in the regular work.
St. George Lodge №3 is the largest Masonic lodge in Georgia. Founded in 2013, our lodge holds regular labors on the east side of the city of Tbilisi.
The largest lodge in Georgia
St. George Lodge №3 is a regular Masonic lodge.
The principle of regularity in Freemasonry is formed by three main components:
1 - adherence to the jurisdictional landmarks of Freemasonry;
2 - sovereignty of jurisdiction within its territory;
3 - recognition of jurisdiction by other similar jurisdictions.
Regular Freemasonry
The work of St. George's Lodge takes place under jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of Georgia - UGLG. You can read more information about the UGLG on its website.
United Grand Lodge of Georgia
History of Freemasonry in Georgia
Freemasonry has a complex history in the Caucasian region, including Georgia. During the 19th century, Freemasonry was popular among the Georgian aristocracy and played a significant role in the country's political and cultural life. Many of the leading intellectuals, artists, and politicians of the time were members of Masonic lodges.

However, during the Soviet period, Freemasonry was banned and persecuted, along with many other religious and fraternal organizations. As a result, Masonic activity in Georgia largely disappeared until the 1990s, when the country gained its independence from the Soviet Union.

Since then, Freemasonry has experienced a resurgence in Georgia, with the establishment of several new lodges and the reactivation of some older ones. Today, there are several active Masonic lodges in Georgia, including in Tbilisi and Batumi.
Is Freemasonry a religion?
No. Freemasonry requires its members to believe in God. But Freemasonry does not force a person to adhere to a certain faith, does not impose on him any of his own system of performing religious rites and does not even require a certain confessional affiliation. All the rituals of Freemasonry and its symbolism are means of spiritual improvement of man, but we avoid judgments about God. Such judgments for a brother are determined by confessional affiliation (if any) or an inner spiritual feeling. The Order only contributes to the disclosure of a person's inner religiosity, strengthens his faith, making it deeper and more sincere. But Freemasonry does not bring any color to personal religious beliefs.
Conditions for joining the Order of Freemasons
The main requirements for a candidate are reduced, according to the ritual, to the fact that he must be a person of "free and good morals". The first of these definitions in our time, of course, has somewhat lost its meaning, but great attention is paid to the moral qualities of a potential candidate, for which preliminary conversations are held with him and, if possible, also talk with his acquaintances.

A potential candidate must be a man, over 21 years old (for children of Freemasons — over 18 years old; in many jurisdictions, for example, in the USA, the age limit has been lowered to 18 years for all potential candidates), believe in God, as well as in the immortality of the soul.

Since Freemasonry is a humane society, the purpose of which, in particular, is to help others through charity, and since membership in the Brotherhood implies regular payment of membership fees and other fees, a potential candidate should be able to pay his annual membership fee and participate in charitable programs as much as possible, provided that this is in no case it is not burdensome for him, since all material issues in the Brotherhood are solved taking into account the real capabilities of the brothers. At the same time, annual contributions are mandatory for everyone and are uniform in size, being an amount sufficiently feasible for most people.

Application form for joining the Order
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